Winds of love

The dry-dusty February winds were blowing outside. The rays of the sun were fighting with the dusty wind to make an appearance. It was dull and dusty outside. The turmoil in the February weather reflected in the thoughts of Rashmi. Her world has been usurped by unfavourable winds, her memories gathering dust and her hope and happiness fighting a losing battle to emerge victory. She was fighting against hope and desperation. Her dull life was rendered colourless by dusty winds of angst and despair. She was not ready for this marriage. Not at all.

How could she be? Hadn’t she decided on not falling in love again. And can any marriage be complete without love?

She never wanted love to come to her life again. The pages of her life that was painted with hues love and compassion were torn off. She was too wary to even think of marriage. But as fate may have, Rashmi’s parents fixed her marriage with Raj. Her parents knew of their daughter’s turmoil. And they felt that marriage would bring an end to the misery of their daughter.

Raj was a decent guy. When he first saw Rashmi, he had madly fallen in love with her. To him, love at first sight was Rashmi. But he could always feel the emotional upheaval in her eyes. He knew something was bothering her and her apathy towards him tore him. He tried asking her if she was ready for marriage. But she was too afraid of baring her heart out to a man again. She could not afford to be at the receiving end of disbelief and mistrust again. Love has faded away from her life.

Rashmi loved her parents, and more the all, she had a lot of respect for her mother. She could not resist her mother’s request when she asked her daughter for a favour. No mother would ever want her child to wreath in pain. And she knew that all Rashmi needed was a little tolerance, some compassion and an unconditional love to overcome her grief.  Her parents found that Raj was a person who would understand their Rashmi well and wipe away the winds of disbelief from her life. They persuaded Rashmi to accept this proposal for the sake of their happiness and that they wanted to see their daughter happy and laughing again.

Against her wishes, Rashmi had to bow down to the love and respect she had for her parents and married Raj. One the day of her marriage, her mother came and told to her – “You cannot go searching for love dear. Its always around you. It will always find a way to reach to you….only if you keep your hope alive.”

Thus, began a journey of Rashmi…… to a destination she was not aware of, a road she never wanted to tread but yet she undertook the journey. Raj was aware of the mental turmoil that was brewing inside his wife, but he could never really fathom the deepness of her pain. Rashmi withdrew herself into a cocoon. She could never reciprocate to the love and compassion of Raj.

But Raj never gave up. He was adamant of bringing love back into the life of Rashmi. He tolerated her indifference towards him with more love and affection. He loved Rashmi and wanted her to forego her pain. He tried every possible step to make her realise that every pain has a remedy and that love is always waiting for her to embrace her. Raj was relentlessly trying to make Rashmi open her eyes to his love and compassion. He had patiently tolerated her indifference without ever saying anything to her. Because he knew that one day his beloved would understand the language of love that he had always wanted her to understand. He waited patiently for that beautiful day to come.

The love and compassion of Raj had slowly but steadily started to grow roots into Rashmi’s heart. The dusty winds of disbelief and broken trust had started to wane off. A faint ray of hope had started to warm-up her heart. The love and tolerance of Raj for the past two years have waived off her pain and gifted her a hope to believe in love again.

Two years have passed by since her marriage. The dry-dusty winds of February has started to blow again.  Rashmi peered through the window and saw the faint rays of sunlight fighting a battle with the dusty winds. There was a strange happiness in Rashmi’s heart…..a sweet hope….for a new future……and beautiful journey. Her mother’s words on her wedding day echoed in her mind – “You cannot go searching for love dear. Its always around you. It will always find a way to reach to you….only if you keep your hope alive.”

Rashmi thought to herself – “Love was always around me, protecting me, giving me hopes and nurturing me with tolerance and compassion. You were always there with me Raj…with your hope and love. I was a fool never to notice that love. I promise that this life that I share with you, shall always be full of love, compassion and tolerance. You are my sunshine, my wind of love…”


Love needs no special day to enjoy,

Love needs no special reason to believe,

A little tolerance and some compassion,

Is all that love needs…..

This short story is written as a part of the writing challenge for Write Tribe’s : The Language Of Love – A Contest

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The Dragon Loyalty Award


A big shout-out to my dear buddy dreamzandclouds for bestowing me the Dragon’s Loyalty award! I can never thank you much for this kind gesture lady! For the past few months I havn’t really been able to write anything for my blog but this award literally brought me back to writing and posting activity again!! Thank you my loyal blogger-friend dreamzandclouds!!

On being nominated for the award, I tried to find out about the meaning of the Dragon Loyalty Award and came to know that its actually an award to acknowledge the bloggers and non-bloggers alike, whoever have visited your blogs, liked your posts and commented.

Nice way to say a big thank you to those who appreciate your ramblings and musings right!! 😀

And like all blog awards, the Dragon Loyalty Award has certain rules that I need to comply with. And they are:-

Rule 1:

Display the award certificate on your website – Done

Rule 2:

Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award – Done

Rule 3:

Present the award to 15 deserving bloggers – Ooops! I’m a little low on the nomination part 😛 But still, the bloggers that I would like to nominate for this award have to be them :-

I wish I could nominate back dreamzandclouds for all love and support that you should. Thanks again girl 🙂

Rule 4:

Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post – Done

Rule 5:

Post 7 interesting things about yourself – Here goes some random facts about me :-

  • I’m crazy about desserts and anything sweet
  • I love dogs, specially labradors and hope to own one again someday
  • I am a very emotional person and often fall in trouble because of it 😛
  • I have a weakness for earrings of all shapes, sizes and colours
  • I love dancing
  • I get irritated easily when somebody lies to me
  • I love singing my favourite songs loudly when I’m alone

Thanks you dreamzandclouds for making me feel special. In this short period of my blogging experience that I have had so far, you have been a true guiding inspiration!!!

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Loving yourself and learning to let go!!

Yesterday I came across this really interesting and thought-provoking article in my daily newspaper that really got me thinking hard. And I thought of sharing this wonderful and feel-good piece of information on my blog !

This article was a take on the negative emotions that often plague our mind and render us weak and hurtful. Everyone of us have at some point in our life been hurt, betrayed in some way or the other and experience pain. And these sometime weigh heavily in our minds and we refuse to open ourselves up or let go of the pain and negative emotions.  We create walls around us disconnecting ourselves from our inner selves and hold on to the pain, anger and hurt inside us. And in the process we yearn for acceptance and love from outside which we have severed it inside ourselves. I could relate to this article more so because of the same emotional doldrum that I was in some time back which robed me of all peace and happiness.

The counsellors through the article have also given a very insightful view of how to overcome our emotional upheavals and embrace our vulnerability which I found it very useful and so I am sharing it below:

Revisit Your Past Learning

If your lessons were …Affirm to yourself
1. I will never forgive them/him/her 1. Today is a new day and I choose to let go
2. No one will hurt me again (I will always remember this hurt) 2. I am open to experience life as it comes
3. It’s shameful to be weak and get hurt 3. I acknowledge my sensitivity and I am fine with it
4. It was foolish to trust I refuse to let one or two incidents define my life. I stop judging and I am watchful

As was conveyed through the article, “It is difficult to find love and happiness outside when there is no love for ourselves”, I felt that its truly important that we learn to love ourselves, accept and acknowledge our vulnerability and shortcomings and learn from our experiences – positive or negative. And most importantly, the root of happiness and peace emerges only when we learn to let go and not hold on to the past.

Life has always been like that, isn’t it?…..learning to love oneself and letting go of the past so that we can pave way for newer and better things to come…..

Courtesy: t2, The Telegraph, dated 22nd Nov’13 

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Autumn Musings

The misty mornings engulfed with a cool, soothing breeze, the warm sun-kissed rays, the clear blue sky, the mildly pleasant days followed by cool nights, the carpet of dry leaves beneath the trees, the blooming of flowers of varied hues and fragrances and the shorter days heralding longer nights……Autumn is here in its full bloom!!!

I have always been fascinated by Autumn and wait for its herald with anticipated happiness. This is a season which signifies the advent of many things that I love to associate myself with. And the most important amongst them is the change in the weather from hot and humid days to mildly pleasant days. Perhaps this is the reason which draws me so close to Autumn. For me  Autumn also signifies the blooming of flowers of different hues and fragrance. I still remember, with the onset of Autumn, my father would start planting an array of flowers-plants in our garden which would bloom into colourful flowers after a few weeks. There would be lines of dahlias, chrysanthemums, roses, marigolds, lilies and daisies that would adorn the garden with their bright colours.

Another sweet happening that whispers in my ear that Autumn has marked its presence is the blooming of the sweet-smelling sewali flower. The sewali flower which blooms in the evening and spreads its heavenly smell all around is also an indication that Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Diwali are round the corner, marking the beginning of the festive season. These autumnal celebrations are also the most anticipated celebrations for me that I look forward to enjoying them whole-heartedly and also a time to be at my home with my family. Amongst the many happenings that signify to me that Autumn has arrived is the blooming of the kohua grass. The white fluffy grass that blooms during the Autumn always hold me down in nostalgia. I have always witnessed the blooming kohua grass on my way home during the festival vacations. Since I had been away from home for the last seven years owing to my studies and job, seeing the white kohua fluttering in the wind on my way to home during the Durga Puja vacations feels me with an excitement that its finally time when I can see, feel and experience the love of home and family again.

The sweet smelling sewali flower

Kohua grass in full bloom

Autumn has been my favourite because its that time of the year when the weather is at its coolest best. Its neither too hot nor too cold and I love the weather which doesn’t tire me unlike the hot summers and the cold winters.

Everything about Autumn spells happiness and enjoyment to me, a time to celebrate with my loved ones and enjoy nature’s beauty with a sense of calmness and soak in the pleasant views that Autumn offers.

And like every year, this time too I had waited with anticipated happiness for the arrival of Autumn. The cool breeze and warm sun-kissed rays penetrating the misty morning touched my face on my way home…..whispering in my ears…..Autumn has arrived!!!

Image Courtesy: Google

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Of Awards & Accolades!!!


These were exactly my feelings when I discovered that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. And my sincere thanks to dreamzandclouds who thought that my blog deserves to be nominated for this award. The nomination feels all the more special because its been hardly a couple of months that I have stepped into this blogging world and being nominated for an award that aims at encouraging new and upcoming bloggers is all the more wonderful :-). I would also like to thank dreamzandclouds who is the real guiding force for the creation of Muses of the heart!!

Thanks a ton buddy 😀

Now to receive this award, I need to  comply with the following rules:

Rule 1: Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.

I have already linked back to the blog that nominated me!!

Rule 2Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

Here goes my answers for the 10 questions that were given to me by the nominator!!

1. What do you like best about blogging?

The freedom to pour down my thoughts, experiences and dreams is the best thing about blogging for me and also the appreciation that comes with sharing these thoughts and experiences 🙂

2. What is your favourite post on your own blog till now?

Its actually two – “An ode to my Mother” & “Lucky – a beautiful gift”.  These two posts are very close to my heart.

3. Are you a tea or coffee person ?

I am basically a tea person but I love coffee too 🙂

4. What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be a doctor when I was little. But gradually as I grew up, I realised that I was not cut-out for it since I had very little interest in the science subjects 😛 .

5. Three things you would not leave home without?

Well…it has be my purse first, then my cell phone and my handkerchief.

6. What makes you happy?

There are quite a few things that really lights up my face 🙂

  • When I see happiness on my parents’ face
  • Company of fun-loving friends
  • An interesting book
  • Yummy home-cooked food

7.  What is the most craziest/different thing you have done that even you had not expected of yourself?

Well usually I’m not into doing crazy things but there was one such act (in fact many after that act was successful :-P) that was really crazy. It was during my post-graduation days when I used to stay in the hostel. My friends used to stay in a different hostel and it was not allowed for one hostel in-mate to stay in another hostel overnight without any valid reason and taking due permission from the hostel wardens. But our gang of girls was so daring 😀 that one day we decided that I shall come and stay in their hostel overnight stealthily without taking any permission from the hostel warden. And I even managed to stay over there the whole night, eat dinner at the hostel canteen and sneak out of the hostel next morning without raising any curiosity from anyone :-P. The success of my first hostel escapades actually inspired me to indulge in many more such escapades and I was never caught by anybody, thanks to the fool-proof plan of my girl-gang :-D.

8. What is the name of the book/movie (or both) that touched you the most?

The book that really touched my heart is “And the mountains echoed” by Khaled Hosseini. And the movie that touched me was “Hachiko”. 

9. What is your dream destination?

It has to be Lucerne in Switzerland. Ever since I have seen glimpses of this picturesque place on a travel show, it has become my dream destination and I hope I can live my dream one day!!

10. If you were granted three magic wishes, what would you wish for?

Firstly, I would wish for a dream home that I can gift it to my parents.

Secondly, to get a job-transfer to my dearest hometown.

And thirdly, to go on a vacation to an exotic island, may be the bora-bora islands 😀

 Rule 3: Nominate up to 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

The bloggers that I have nominated for the award are:

  1. Sugar and Spice
  2. Snippets & Scribbles
  3. Swell Flowering Cultivation

Well, amongst the blogs that I follow, there are only a few one with less than 200 followers whom I have nominated above for the award. I hope you may find someone/something interesting among them 🙂

Rule 4: Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Here goes my 10 questions for my nominated bloggers. I hope you enjoy while answering them!

  1. What does your name mean?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. According to you, what was the driving force that let you into the blogging world?
  4. What was the most recent compliment you’ve received and savoured?
  5. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?
  6. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
  7. What was the best news you ever received?
  8. If you could hold on to just one memory from your life forever, what would that be?
  9. What’s your favorite dessert?
  10. What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Rule 5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

I have already informed the nominees that they have been nominated for this award :-).

Thanks once again dreamzandclouds for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!! I hope you like my answers and also go through the blogs that I have nominated and find someone/something that may catch your interest :-).


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Understanding a woman

She gives the most unexpected reply for your obvious question, that makes you look at her in surprise. She means exactly the opposite of what she says, and confuses you. She may be demanding, emotional, but wishes to be fiercely independent at the same time. She may love to cling to you, but, at the same time will crave and fight for her freedom. With so many contradictions, it is no wonder that men find it difficult or impossible to understand women ~ Unknown

Since time immemorial, humanity has been mystified with the aura of mystery surrounding a woman. Much has been written and said about the complexities of understanding a woman and why is woman a mystery for all to understand.

But is it really that hard to understand a woman? Is she really a mystery as she has been portrayed by mankind. According to my perspective, the answer is a big no. Woman is not a mystery and more of all she is definitely not hard to understand, certainly not. And this thought of mine propelled me to write this post. But the main driving force for this post can be attributed to a popular reality series “Connected Hum Tum” that was recently aired on Zee TV.

I was a regular viewer of this reality series. The show portrayed the journey of six courageous women of different ages and at different stages in their lives. But the most daring part of the show was that fact that these six brave women were given a camera each, through the medium of which they recorded their daily life, their trials and tribulations, their happiness and successes and their fears and hopes. It was a show that every woman could connect to. The journey of these six women that was portrayed on the show  had bits and pieces from every woman’s life.

For me the show was a peek into the life of a woman as a whole. And the life-journey of each of the women presented in the series has something to teach me. The show was based on six woman who lead a normal life and how they tackle their personal issues and manage to strike balance with their family. Each of the participants of the show was unique in their own way and yet their problems and struggles correlated with one another though on a different terrain altogether. It showed that to understand a woman completely, all it needs is some love, a little understanding and respect.

Among the six women of the show, I personally was fond of Pallavi Burman, an independent and strong woman having a mind of her own. She is smart yet vulnerable and always follows her heart. Her sincere efforts at making her second marriage work and balance her career and her home are some of the traits that I liked best about her.

Then there was the unconventional life of Madhavi Mauskar. She is a mother, a grandmother, yet her attitude towards life is like a sixteen year old. Her positive attitude towards life, even though she had major upheavals in her life, specially her failed marriage, is a lesson to be learnt. No matter what, she never losses hope and her mantra in life is to be happy, to love oneself and move on in life.

The show also portrayed the daring story of Sonal Giani, a happy-go-lucky woman who is not afraid to follow her heart. She is not afraid to profess her love for her life-partner, though she knows that social acceptance for her love is something that she has to fight for.

Then there is Preeti Kochhar, a dentist-cum-belly dance instructor. There’s never a dull moment whenever her story is portrayed. She is woman of today, managing her profession, her passion and most importantly her loving family with elan. I particularly loved the quirky and humorous one-liners that she often cracks.

Then there were the stories of Mahima Choudhury and Malishka Mendonca – two independent career-driven women trying to manage their careers and their families and finding love along the way.

The host and the six participants of the reality TV show Connected HumTum

For me the show was an insight into the lives and minds of women. Being a woman, I could relate to the stories of each one of them at some point or the other. All the stories were related to one another by a common thread – the family. For a woman her biggest strength and her biggest weakness is probably her family. Its true for me too. All the stories portrayed in the show revealed that its the love, understanding and support of her family, that makes a woman happy and drives her to move on. The journey of these six women, which is unique and extra-ordinary in their own special way is an attempt at understanding woman better. The emotions undergone by the these women, the frequent bouts of indecisiveness that plague their normal life, the fights between their heart and mind, their dreams, both fulfilled and unfulfilled, and their responsibilities towards their families and their loved ones are portrayed in such genuineness that every woman would be able to identify with these situations. And for me, each of these six courageous women had atleast something that I could both relate to and learn from.

It is not difficult to understand a woman. All that a woman needs is respect, love and support.


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The Love Story

The silence in the house seemed to conjure up a soothing and calm feeling. It was dinner time and Dia was busy preparing her dinner. After a hectic day in the office, this is the only time of the day when Dia is completely with herself…away from the tensions and hassles. But today was a little different, in fact, the last few days has been a little disturbing for her. There’s a storm engulfing her mind and she has lost interest in cooking.

“Should I tell him? Or should I wait for him to tell me first?”

She was impatient. For the last few days Dia was struggling with her urge to break the news to him….but something somewhere was impeding her from doing so. She was reeling under a lot of frustration.

“Even he knows what I am feeling inside. The why the hell doesn’t he tell me by himself? He too is feeling the same I know. Its not that I am going to kill him if he says so. Oh God!! I’ve been giving him hints but he’s still acting so dumb. Uff!! why is it so hard to understand men??!!”

Amidst all these gruelling thought-processes Dia decided that she is going to tell him the truth tonight…come what may.

Dia had just finished her dinner when her cellphone rang with her favourite ring-tone which she has specifically set for his number. She dashed off from her kitchen to the bedroom and picked up her phone with her wet hand. He addressed her with the same mushy voice which always makes her go weak on her knees…..

They started off with their usual conversation. He asking her how her day was, what she did in the office, what did she have for dinner. They talked about their usual stuff for almost an hour an half. Dia’s impatience was growing……she was talking to him but at the back of her mind, the urge to tell him the truth, which both of them knew very well in their heart, was making her nervous. Finally Dia mustered up her courage…“its now or never”….she said to herself.

“I need to tell you something important” she said to him half-way through the conversation.

“What?” he asked her with an eager anticipation underlying his tone

“I think I’m in love with you. I don’t know if its right or wrong, but you have become a habit for me. I wake up in the morning with your thoughts in my mind. I think about you all the time. I keep staring at my phone, only with a hope that you might call me or send me a message. And when my phone rings with your number, a smile lights up my face unknowingly and I can’t seem to help it. You are there in my mind all the time. I long to hear your voice, to talk with you and laugh my heart out. With you I feel so complete, and in you I have found a friend with whom I have started sharing everything about my life. My day doesn’t feel complete if my eyes don’t catch your glimpse, even if its for a few seconds. You have become a part of my world now.”

There was a pause at both the ends. And then he spoke, with his light mushy voice, which has made Dia so besotted for him….“I love you too Dia. I love you a lot. Since the first day I saw you, I have felt an unknown happiness and I was waiting when I could tell you that I have fallen for you with all my heart….”

And then it started, Dia’s most awaited and wonderful journey…with a man whom she found out to be her soul-mate.They were happy to be with each other, sharing each others feelings and desires, walking hand-in-hand, making promises to stay with each other forever, to understand, support and trust each other in every step of their togetherness. Dia was indeed very happy. She knew that she had found her dream man. She knew that she would have to fight with the world for her love and she was ready for it with all her heart. For her, he was her world of happiness, who was making all her dreams come true.

“Promise me that you will be soul-mate not only in this birth, but in all the births I take….for eternity…” asked Dia to him.

“I promise that I will be with you forever Dia…..forever” he promised her.

But this wonderful journey that Dia was treading with him, was soon going to be over. Dia was so immersed in his love and affection, that she failed to notice the storm that was brewing up, a violent storm that would rip apart her world, break her trust and faith and render her helpless to fight with the demons of betrayal and lies.

Dia was in love for the first time and she believed him with all her heart. She was so blindly in love with him that she failed to notice the betrayal and lies that he was conjuring up under the veil of his so-called undying love for her. He was ruthlessly playing with her innocent heart, breaking her trust every single day with his inimical lies, which Dia failed to understand.

Dia was naive… fact too naive to understand the games of betrayal that he was playing with her. Had she known that the man whom she adored and prayed for was a person so unworthy of her love and respect, she wouldn’t have to suffer the pain that was soon going to tear her world apart.

On that fateful day when Dia was confronted with his utter betrayal, she refused to believe it. Her love for him was so deep-rooted that she found it impossible that he could break her trust and the respect that she held for him. But he was too unapologetic, not showing even the slightest of feeling for the woman who loved him so unconditionally. But it was her fate and she had to endure it…

“Why did you do this to me? Was I not worthy of your love? Did I ever hurt you like the way you have hurt me now? I loved you so much… could you not respect the value and dignity of our relationship? Why….why did you break my heart” asked a tearful and broken Dia.

“I did not betray you…I have always loved you” he replied coldly.

But Dia knew she had been betrayed all the time…

Love was slipping away from Dia, and it was slipping away fast…. just like the way it had entered her life, like a gust of wind….she felt lonely, used and miserable, but there was no escape……

It was not easy for her to give up on him or wipe away the love she had treasured in her heart. But she took a bold step. She picked up the bits and pieces of her shattered heart and decided to move on……..

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If only….

If only I hadn’t fallen for those deep gazes;

That melted my heart and took me to a world, 

Which I never imagined existed.

You were reason for my smile,

That never left my face.

I dreamt of a future so bright and true;

 Where we would  build our own castle,

With bricks of love and paints of joy.

You brought me happiness so true,

I felt like a bird flying in a sky so blue.

But fate chose a path for me…

And I found myself drowning into a sea,

Of betrayal, loss and hurt.

I found myself drifting away from you,

Your love and promises seemed so untrue.

If only I had known you….

My heart wouldn’t have been awashed with grief;

Of pain, heartbreak and angst so deep.

Oh how I wish to erase those memories of you,

And start my life anew…..

If only my heart listens to me

 If only……



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The spirit of Independence – my experience

This post is in continuation to my previous post “The spirit of Independence” posted on 16.08.2013.

It was my dear friend dreamzandclouds‘s wish that I share my experience of celebrating Independence Day at our workplace. And so here it is for you dreamzandclouds … own experience of celebrating our Independence Day 🙂

In our organization, it is a tradition to celebrate National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day at our respective Offices/Sites. Since the time of my joining at this organization I have actively taken part in celebrating as well as organizing these National Festivals at our workplace. This year too we celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and fervour.

The arrangements for the celebration usually begins a day before. The garden area where the flag hoisting will be done is cleaned and spruced up and fresh coats of paints adorn the garden railings. The podium where the flag will be hoisted is decorated with fresh flowers and petals. As for me being in the HR department also means that I have to do all the shopping for the gifts and snacks that are also an integral part of the celebrations.

And then came the flag hoisting ceremony in which all the employees along with their families and children assembled at our office premises – the venue for the flag hoisting ceremony. The little children with tri-colours in their hands really presented a very bright picture. It is indeed very heartening to see these kids so enthusiastic and happy to take part in the Independence Day celebrations. The flag hoisting was done by our Substation-in-Charge which was followed by singing of the National Anthem by all. Our Substation-in-Charge also delivered a speech on this auspicious occasion reminding us about our duties and responsibilities as a citizen of India. After the flag hoisting ceremony, we arranged for tea and snacks for all.

The main attractions of our Independence day celebrations is usually the fun activities that are arranged for the employees as well as the children. Amongst the competitions organized for the children were games and drawing competitions in which they took part with great enthusiasm!! Seeing them participate in these activities made me so happy that I too wished I was a kid like them :-). Seeing them draw themes related to Independence Day also feels me with wonder that these children can portray the true essence of unity in diversity so brilliantly!!! And as for me I always look forward to these drawing competitions when I can get a glimpse of some truly beautiful art by these children :-). For the employees too we arranged fun activities and games in which everyone participated with great eagerness. At the end of the competitions, we also gave away prizes to all the winners.

The celebrations ended with a community feast arranged for the occasion. Though it was a hectic day for me, owing to all the arrangement I had to make, yet I enjoyed it the most. It is also a time when all the employee get together and share their thoughts and happiness with each other which also serves as a welcome break from our daily mundane routine.

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The spirit of Independence

India celebrated its 67th Independence Day on 15th August 2013, commemorating the nation’s independence from British Rule on 15 August 1947. It is a proud occasion for each and every Indian to celebrate our freedom and pay homage to the freedom-fighters and the martyrs whose sacrifices paved the way for India’s independence.

At our workplace too it is a custom to celebrate Independence Day with fervour and zeal. Since the time of my joining at my workplace I have participated (as well as organized) in all the Independence Day celebrations. But during this year’s celebration, a thought has struck me which has made me re-think…..have we, as Indians, really been benefited by the independence and freedom that we have gained??

India became a sovereign nation after the sacrifice and blood shed by hundreds and thousands of martyred souls. But even after 67 years of gaining freedom our country is still lagging behind in the road of development. Our country has been plagued by a lot a in-fighting, corruption, communalism and a general lack of awareness amongst the public regarding the problems faced by the nation. Its sad but true that we have become so self-centered that we have become immune even to the rising face of corruption which is paralysing the country bit-by-bit and victimising the general public. But the biggest problem is the in-fighting within the people of the country which is creating disunity and breaking the harmony amidst the people. We are so obsessed about creating a separate identity of a single community or a single tribe that we fail to see the larger picture that ultimately we are residents of the same nation. The only identity that should be uphold by all is that of being an “Indian”. This in-fighting within ourselves not only precedes a bad example to the future generation but also hampers the development of the nation. No nation can claim to rise on the ladder of development if it cannot unite its people. The onus lies on us to understand the development of the nation in particular would eventually lead to development of all states, communities and tribes. And I feel that at this juncture, its imperative that our country is guided by honest and strong leadership that can motivate the people and lead the country on the right path.

India is a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage, vast legacy of history and a strong population that can definitely fuel the engine of development. And for a country celebrating its 67th Independence Day, we, as countrymen, should pledge that we shall uphold the spirit of unity, peace, prosperity and transparency, which were the essence of our struggle for independence.

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