Lucky – a beautiful gift!!

“Dogs are a man’s best friend”

These words hold true to me and rightly so because of the most unassuming, adorable and the cutest member of our family – our love and light of our house – our dearest Lucky!! And this post is dedicated to the most lovely dog in the world – Lucky!!

Our family is really blessed to be gifted with such a wonderful and cute dog whom we rightly christened as Lucky! She was a darling of the house – a fawn coloured labrador, whom we adopted when she was barely a month old! With her deep brown eyes and large droopy ears, when she first came to our house, our whole family was enamoured by her sweet lovable nature. I loved the way she used to shiver in my arms when she got an inkling that my mother was preparing her food, which she would gulp down in a few seconds!! Her antics and whims amused us and kept us entertained all the time. I remember the way she used to wait by the doorstep waiting pensively for our family members to return home. We used to joke that she had a secret clock inside her body by which she knew exactly at what time me and my brother would return from our college, my mother would come back from work or my father returned from his daily grocery shopping. She used to wait for us unfailingly everyday and the moment any of the family member is home, she would prance around, licking and jumping with unbound happiness in her eyes. Her efforts were always rewarded with a cookie or two by us which she devoured instantly! She was also an instant hit with all my friends and they always enquired about Lucky and how she’s doing!!

Though Lucky loved us all equally yet she had her one favourite family member and it was my brother (a cause of jealousy for me :-P). Both of them had an amazing understanding of each other’s feeling and my parents and I were amazed at it. Nonetheless, Lucky was always  a source of constant love and happiness for our family and we all loved her like crazy. Her small-small things like waking us up every morning by nudging her wet nose on our face, snuggling beside us with her soft, furry and warm body, demanding us to give her rightful share of whatever we eat, sleeping (read- snoring) on her so-called bed like a cute baby, her laziness in getting out of the bed and have her food during winters and the list goes on….And her adorable nature and her unconditional love for us made us forget all our worries. Truly, she was the light of our house and our bundle of endless joy.

Today Lucky is no more with us. After a brief spell of illness she left us. When my mother broke the news of her demise to me over the phone, i felt the whole world going dark and a feeling of numbness engulfing me. I cried inconsolably unable to imagine our house without our beloved Lucky…and our lives to be so incomplete without her effervescence and charm. During the nine happy and joyful years she spent with us i’m sure she has had no complains! She was our princess and we showered her with all our love and blessings. Even as I write about her now, my eyes are moist (which is always the case whenever i remember her) and my heart heavy with grief.

We love you Lucky  and we miss you every single day of our lives. You were our lucky charm, our bundle of joy and the queen of our hearts!!!

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3 Responses to Lucky – a beautiful gift!!

  1. I remember her trying to snuggle into the bed with me once when i was sleeping in your brother’s bed in his absence. She gave me quite a scare! 🙂

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