An ode to my Mother

When I decided to write a post dedicated to the most special woman in my life, I was a little apprehensive about what would I write….how would I embrace the infinite virtues and sacrifices undertaken by my Mother in mere words…. but then there is no better way to show my love and respect to such an astonishing and inspiring mother. So Maa….here it is….a simple tribute to your never-ending love and affection from your ever loving daughter….

Our family is a middle-class family where both my parents had to work so that they could provide a good life, a better education and a secured future for both me and my brother. My Maa is, thus, a working mother who would juggle between her family and her work and yet strike a fine balance between both. She would painstakingly take care care of her family, nurture her two small kids, run a house and dash off to her work with much elan. She is an epitome of endurance, hard-work and endless stamina and gave her everything for her family. Though Maa is always loving and caring to us, yet she is also a strict disciplinarian and would never allow her children to indulge in any kind of bad habits. She inculcated the habit of doing our own works by ourselves, to be self-dependent and to be humble. Both me and my brother were also very afraid of Maa and whenever we did any mischief while she was away, we would try to hide it from her with all our efforts :-P, but Maa, as she is, nothing could ever be hidden from her and our mischief would be revealed in front of her in no time and the result……well, a sound thrashing and an ultimate warning not to repeat it in the future :-P.

My relationship with Maa has evolved through the years. From that little girl who would always be stuck to her Maa and follow her everywhere, I have become this young woman who still loves to follow her Maa everywhere…..I love to wait by Maa’s side when she would be cooking in the kitchen, following her in the house when she would be busy mending the household chores and chattering endlessly about anything and everything with her!! And amidst all this, I would also help her with all her work like a dutiful daughter too :-). Amidst all the laughter and jokes that I share with Maa, we also have a lot of arguments and fights but eventually we always make-up :-). Maa has been the pillar of support in my life and whatever little achievements I have earned in my life is all because of her endless love and support. Her constant persuasion and guidance had helped me to be the person I am today. She is the wind beneath my wings and my mental support. I feel happy, contented and protected whenever Maa is around me. During sickness and pain, its Maa’s soothing and calm nature that wipes away all my sufferings. There can be no better healing hands than yours Maa….

I have always tried to be a dutiful and abiding daughter to you Maa…but I know… sometimes, somewhere I may have faltered at being one…..and for all the heart-breaks and pain I have ever caused to you unknowingly…. I am sorry Maa…..but my tryst for emerging as the best daughter for my Maa is still on….

Thank you Maa…. for all the sacrifices and pain that you have undergone for me, for all the happiness and blessings that you have showered on me…..there can be no greater happiness  in this world than the joy of being your daughter…..

I feel blessed to be your daughter 🙂

Love you Maa…

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2 Responses to An ode to my Mother

  1. awww….. such an honest post. Our mothers are the best thing God gave us. 🙂
    “As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.”
    ― Kristin Hannah

  2. Muses of the Heart says:

    Thanks girl!! Its true…mothers are the best gift of God.

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