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The Love Story

The silence in the house seemed to conjure up a soothing and calm feeling. It was dinner time and Dia was busy preparing her dinner. After a hectic day in the office, this is the only time of the day … Continue reading

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If only….

If only I hadn’t fallen for those deep gazes; That melted my heart and took me to a world,  Which I never imagined existed. You were reason for my smile, That never left my face. I dreamt of a future … Continue reading

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The spirit of Independence – my experience

This post is in continuation to my previous post “The spirit of Independence” posted on 16.08.2013. It was my dear friend dreamzandclouds‘s wish that I share my experience of celebrating Independence Day at our workplace. And so here it is for you dreamzandclouds … … Continue reading

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The spirit of Independence

India celebrated its 67th Independence Day on 15th August 2013, commemorating the nation’s independence from British Rule on 15 August 1947. It is a proud occasion for each and every Indian to celebrate our freedom and pay homage to the freedom-fighters and … Continue reading

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Mind vs heart – the deadend

It’s typical in our society to feel a conflict between what we want to do (our heart) and what we feel is practical (our mind)  ~ Jonathan Mead We human beings are often torn between choices that we have to … Continue reading

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The Joyride!!!

Yesterday while I was on my way to office after lunch-break, I saw our colony school bus arriving with a bus load of noisy and chatty school children. This noisy but happy sight instantly transported me back to my school … Continue reading

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Waiting for a miracle….

It is often said that we humans  are bundles of endless desires and aspirations. Everyone wants to be happy….and well…happiness always correlates to contentment, which eventually means fulfillment of some cherished desires and emotions within ourselves. And in the pursuit … Continue reading

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