The Joyride!!!

Yesterday while I was on my way to office after lunch-break, I saw our colony school bus arriving with a bus load of noisy and chatty school children. This noisy but happy sight instantly transported me back to my school days when I too was a joyous passenger of my school bus :-). Those were some really fun-filled and care-free days and reminiscing those days brings a smile on my face. So why not share a little memory of my joyride….my school Bus!!

To begin with, our school bus was a big bus, probably a little old and not very comfortable to sit. But at that time who cared about the comforts of bus seats when all that mattered to us were the fun activities and the joy of travelling with our friends!! For me the the actual fun in the school bus starts when I head home after finishing my classes, a time when I would be free from all the tensions of studies, homework, exams, lessons to prepare and other such not-so-interesting things :-P. Its only during our journey back home that all the students inside the school bus turned into their boisterous best!! Be it fighting with other students for grabbing the favourite seat by the window, to tease, scream and waive at innocent passers-by without any rhyme or reason, to scream our lungs out while playing antakshari and to tease the quiet and no-so-naughty students and laugh our hearts out……it was the ultimate fun that we shared on our amazing ride at the school bus and boy, what fun we had while doing all this!!!

There is also a very interesting aspect relating to my school bus ride and it goes like this….. Well, I am a habitual late-comer (a trait which refuses to leave my side till date, my loyal enemy :-P) and hence, I was often late for catching my bus in the morning and sometimes even missed my bus, which would eventually leave me with only one option…..go back home, tell father that I missed my bus, get a sound scolding and pocket money to reach school by city-bus :-P. But I also had a partner in my late-for-school-bus saga….my cousin!! We used to go the bus-stop to catch our school bus together. Many a times when we would miss our school bus, both of us would travel to the intersecting point where we would be able to catch the bus and finally board it!! An on some not very lucky days, when we would be so awfully late that the hope of catching the school bus at the intersecting point is also null, we embark on our journey by the city-bus :-P. Many a times we two were the butt of jokes of other students of the school bus but we could never overcome our late-comer tags…(sigh)

But nevertheless, I enjoyed my bus rides to the hilt. The joy of endless gossips and chattering with friends, the pranks we use to play on each other… was awesome!! I feel a sense of nostalgia overcoming me whenever I spot our school’s bus on the road, filled with students, noisy, and bustling energy and fun. I feel an instant urge to hop onto it and mingle with the students, share their fun and tell them with eagerness that I too was once a happy passenger of their school bus ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses to The Joyride!!!

  1. Awww…those were the best days of our lives ๐Ÿ™‚ For me, i was a part of the cycle gang to school. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Truly said buddy!! And I am sure you too must have had an awesome time with your cycle gang ๐Ÿ™‚ This I can say from your post on “Once upon a bicycle”!!!

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