Waiting for a miracle….

It is often said that we humans  are bundles of endless desires and aspirations. Everyone wants to be happy….and well…happiness always correlates to contentment, which eventually means fulfillment of some cherished desires and emotions within ourselves. And in the pursuit of this cherished desires and happiness, we tread through every possible route which we assume will lead us to fulfillment of our intrinsic desires and our happiness. This journey sometimes culminate into a triumph and… sometimes into a loss which becomes unbearable. When the strive to fulfill our desires fail, it is then that we desperately dream that a miracle happen and fulfill our dreams and aspirations. Miracle…it is such a feeling that induces a spirit and zeal so forceful, which makes us hopeful of a “wonderful occurrence”  which otherwise seem so disillusioning.

And like all mortal species of the world, I too hope that some miracles would happen and make my life all the more joyous and wipe away all my worries and pain. Its such a blissful feeling to bask in the sensation that a miracle would happen :-).

There are certain things in my life which I think should have shaped out in a different way….in a way that would please me and make my life little less messy and worrisome (well its not that my life is always messy or troublesome, but then who doesn’t want their life to picture-perfect ;-)) And during those grueling thought processes do I desperately crave that God smiles upon me and shower a miracle upon me…. a miracle that would change my life for better!! But hey wait….just a single miracle is not going to wipe off all the unhappy moments from my life…..I am in need for some good numbers of miracles to happen 😛 and I hope you are listening to all of it God :-P.

So here goes my list for the miracles that desperately need to happen in my life:

  • A miracle that would instantly get me transferred to my hometown from the utterly disgusting and uneventful place where I am posted now owing to my job. 
  • A miracle that would allow me to gather just the right amount of savings so that I can purchase my dream home and gift it to my parents with utmost joy and pride 🙂
  • A miracle that would bring back our beloved dog “Lucky” to our family again and make our family circle complete….I miss you soooo much Lucky 🙂
  • A miracle that would transform my reed-thin figure into a more healthy one…because however hard I try, I seem to fail miserably in this department (though I never compromised on my food habits, just in the hope that someday….maybe someday I wouldn’t be called thin :-() 
  •  And lastly, a miracle that would wipe off some bitter memories and pain embedded in my heart and mind which refuses to leave me inspite of me trying so hard to forget the pain and move on in my life…..

I hope someday good-luck knocks on my door and I open it to find one of my above-listed miracles smiling upon me and waiting to brighten up my life by ringing in happiness that I so fervently wish for…….




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2 Responses to Waiting for a miracle….

  1. For all the miracles you want to happen all i can say is – AMEN.
    And I am sure your point no. 2 & 5 will surely happen one day. Can’t say much about your ‘stick figure’ though. 😛

  2. Muses of the Heart says:

    Thanks for your wishes 🙂

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