Mind vs heart – the deadend

It’s typical in our society to feel a conflict between what we want to do (our heart) and what we feel is practical (our mind)  ~ Jonathan Mead

We human beings are often torn between choices that we have to make between what our heart wants and what our mind thinks. The tug-of-war between the desires of mind and heart is something that most people are wary of (atleast I am :-o). The mere thought of choosing between what our mind says and what our heart wants is a herculean task. There often comes a time in our lives when its not easy to reach upon a decision as we have to choose between what are heart aspires (even though it may not be the proper or right approach) and what our mind dictates (which often is the right approach). This results in a state of indecisiveness which causes a lot of tension, often not letting a person to arrive at a decision, let alone arriving at a fruitful decision.

And in my case I have always been a slave of my heart. I have always followed my heart…in almost all the decisions I take. I trust my heart to lead me to the correct path. But this attitude has more than often led me to a lot of hassle. The turmoil that goes through my head when my heart desperately craves for something but then my mind sends me a warning signal to do it otherwise. This is the phase that I hate it the most…when I am hanging in the loose thread of indecisiveness…and the more I strive towards arriving at a logical conclusion the more I drift away from it. It makes me wonder – is my mind really the culprit or is it my heart that is really to be blamed for such a misery.

I think the turmoil between the heart and the mind occurs because we, as social beings, depend a lot on the judgement and acceptance of the society. We tend to pick our actions based on the social conditioning and norms. This sometimes creates a situation where we are torn between choosing a decision which appears to be socially acceptable (read: correct) but then from the very core of our heart a voice tells us….“will it make you happy?” 

Then how do you make the right decision? How do you make your heart and mind both happy and yet take a right decision? Well….I haven’t been able to figure out this problem and often find myself stuck in the quagmire of pleasing my mind and at the same time making my heart happy……tough job I guess 😀

P.S: Its not that I am always at fight with my heart and mind. Sometimes lady luck does wave her magic wand around me and helps me in choosing a decision that pleases both my heart and mind and that is truly a blissful state 😀

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2 Responses to Mind vs heart – the deadend

  1. the tug-of-war between what the mind says and what the heart wants is indeed a tough one.

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