The spirit of Independence

India celebrated its 67th Independence Day on 15th August 2013, commemorating the nation’s independence from British Rule on 15 August 1947. It is a proud occasion for each and every Indian to celebrate our freedom and pay homage to the freedom-fighters and the martyrs whose sacrifices paved the way for India’s independence.

At our workplace too it is a custom to celebrate Independence Day with fervour and zeal. Since the time of my joining at my workplace I have participated (as well as organized) in all the Independence Day celebrations. But during this year’s celebration, a thought has struck me which has made me re-think…..have we, as Indians, really been benefited by the independence and freedom that we have gained??

India became a sovereign nation after the sacrifice and blood shed by hundreds and thousands of martyred souls. But even after 67 years of gaining freedom our country is still lagging behind in the road of development. Our country has been plagued by a lot a in-fighting, corruption, communalism and a general lack of awareness amongst the public regarding the problems faced by the nation. Its sad but true that we have become so self-centered that we have become immune even to the rising face of corruption which is paralysing the country bit-by-bit and victimising the general public. But the biggest problem is the in-fighting within the people of the country which is creating disunity and breaking the harmony amidst the people. We are so obsessed about creating a separate identity of a single community or a single tribe that we fail to see the larger picture that ultimately we are residents of the same nation. The only identity that should be uphold by all is that of being an “Indian”. This in-fighting within ourselves not only precedes a bad example to the future generation but also hampers the development of the nation. No nation can claim to rise on the ladder of development if it cannot unite its people. The onus lies on us to understand the development of the nation in particular would eventually lead to development of all states, communities and tribes. And I feel that at this juncture, its imperative that our country is guided by honest and strong leadership that can motivate the people and lead the country on the right path.

India is a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage, vast legacy of history and a strong population that can definitely fuel the engine of development. And for a country celebrating its 67th Independence Day, we, as countrymen, should pledge that we shall uphold the spirit of unity, peace, prosperity and transparency, which were the essence of our struggle for independence.

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2 Responses to The spirit of Independence

  1. hey Muses of the heart! i would love to hear your experiences of arranging the celebrations. And yes, its time people realized that unity in diversity is what defines us. Fragmentation on the basis of diversities is not going to do anyone any good.

  2. sure I would pen down my experiences 🙂 thanks!!

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