The spirit of Independence – my experience

This post is in continuation to my previous post “The spirit of Independence” posted on 16.08.2013.

It was my dear friend dreamzandclouds‘s wish that I share my experience of celebrating Independence Day at our workplace. And so here it is for you dreamzandclouds … own experience of celebrating our Independence Day 🙂

In our organization, it is a tradition to celebrate National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day at our respective Offices/Sites. Since the time of my joining at this organization I have actively taken part in celebrating as well as organizing these National Festivals at our workplace. This year too we celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and fervour.

The arrangements for the celebration usually begins a day before. The garden area where the flag hoisting will be done is cleaned and spruced up and fresh coats of paints adorn the garden railings. The podium where the flag will be hoisted is decorated with fresh flowers and petals. As for me being in the HR department also means that I have to do all the shopping for the gifts and snacks that are also an integral part of the celebrations.

And then came the flag hoisting ceremony in which all the employees along with their families and children assembled at our office premises – the venue for the flag hoisting ceremony. The little children with tri-colours in their hands really presented a very bright picture. It is indeed very heartening to see these kids so enthusiastic and happy to take part in the Independence Day celebrations. The flag hoisting was done by our Substation-in-Charge which was followed by singing of the National Anthem by all. Our Substation-in-Charge also delivered a speech on this auspicious occasion reminding us about our duties and responsibilities as a citizen of India. After the flag hoisting ceremony, we arranged for tea and snacks for all.

The main attractions of our Independence day celebrations is usually the fun activities that are arranged for the employees as well as the children. Amongst the competitions organized for the children were games and drawing competitions in which they took part with great enthusiasm!! Seeing them participate in these activities made me so happy that I too wished I was a kid like them :-). Seeing them draw themes related to Independence Day also feels me with wonder that these children can portray the true essence of unity in diversity so brilliantly!!! And as for me I always look forward to these drawing competitions when I can get a glimpse of some truly beautiful art by these children :-). For the employees too we arranged fun activities and games in which everyone participated with great eagerness. At the end of the competitions, we also gave away prizes to all the winners.

The celebrations ended with a community feast arranged for the occasion. Though it was a hectic day for me, owing to all the arrangement I had to make, yet I enjoyed it the most. It is also a time when all the employee get together and share their thoughts and happiness with each other which also serves as a welcome break from our daily mundane routine.

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