If only….

If only I hadn’t fallen for those deep gazes;

That melted my heart and took me to a world, 

Which I never imagined existed.

You were reason for my smile,

That never left my face.

I dreamt of a future so bright and true;

 Where we would  build our own castle,

With bricks of love and paints of joy.

You brought me happiness so true,

I felt like a bird flying in a sky so blue.

But fate chose a path for me…

And I found myself drowning into a sea,

Of betrayal, loss and hurt.

I found myself drifting away from you,

Your love and promises seemed so untrue.

If only I had known you….

My heart wouldn’t have been awashed with grief;

Of pain, heartbreak and angst so deep.

Oh how I wish to erase those memories of you,

And start my life anew…..

If only my heart listens to me

 If only……



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2 Responses to If only….

  1. awww……its such a nice poem. And cheer up….. love is around the corner waiting for you to find it…..again. 🙂
    BTW, I never knew you wrote poems. Looking forward for some more….

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