The Love Story

The silence in the house seemed to conjure up a soothing and calm feeling. It was dinner time and Dia was busy preparing her dinner. After a hectic day in the office, this is the only time of the day when Dia is completely with herself…away from the tensions and hassles. But today was a little different, in fact, the last few days has been a little disturbing for her. There’s a storm engulfing her mind and she has lost interest in cooking.

“Should I tell him? Or should I wait for him to tell me first?”

She was impatient. For the last few days Dia was struggling with her urge to break the news to him….but something somewhere was impeding her from doing so. She was reeling under a lot of frustration.

“Even he knows what I am feeling inside. The why the hell doesn’t he tell me by himself? He too is feeling the same I know. Its not that I am going to kill him if he says so. Oh God!! I’ve been giving him hints but he’s still acting so dumb. Uff!! why is it so hard to understand men??!!”

Amidst all these gruelling thought-processes Dia decided that she is going to tell him the truth tonight…come what may.

Dia had just finished her dinner when her cellphone rang with her favourite ring-tone which she has specifically set for his number. She dashed off from her kitchen to the bedroom and picked up her phone with her wet hand. He addressed her with the same mushy voice which always makes her go weak on her knees…..

They started off with their usual conversation. He asking her how her day was, what she did in the office, what did she have for dinner. They talked about their usual stuff for almost an hour an half. Dia’s impatience was growing……she was talking to him but at the back of her mind, the urge to tell him the truth, which both of them knew very well in their heart, was making her nervous. Finally Dia mustered up her courage…“its now or never”….she said to herself.

“I need to tell you something important” she said to him half-way through the conversation.

“What?” he asked her with an eager anticipation underlying his tone

“I think I’m in love with you. I don’t know if its right or wrong, but you have become a habit for me. I wake up in the morning with your thoughts in my mind. I think about you all the time. I keep staring at my phone, only with a hope that you might call me or send me a message. And when my phone rings with your number, a smile lights up my face unknowingly and I can’t seem to help it. You are there in my mind all the time. I long to hear your voice, to talk with you and laugh my heart out. With you I feel so complete, and in you I have found a friend with whom I have started sharing everything about my life. My day doesn’t feel complete if my eyes don’t catch your glimpse, even if its for a few seconds. You have become a part of my world now.”

There was a pause at both the ends. And then he spoke, with his light mushy voice, which has made Dia so besotted for him….“I love you too Dia. I love you a lot. Since the first day I saw you, I have felt an unknown happiness and I was waiting when I could tell you that I have fallen for you with all my heart….”

And then it started, Dia’s most awaited and wonderful journey…with a man whom she found out to be her soul-mate.They were happy to be with each other, sharing each others feelings and desires, walking hand-in-hand, making promises to stay with each other forever, to understand, support and trust each other in every step of their togetherness. Dia was indeed very happy. She knew that she had found her dream man. She knew that she would have to fight with the world for her love and she was ready for it with all her heart. For her, he was her world of happiness, who was making all her dreams come true.

“Promise me that you will be soul-mate not only in this birth, but in all the births I take….for eternity…” asked Dia to him.

“I promise that I will be with you forever Dia…..forever” he promised her.

But this wonderful journey that Dia was treading with him, was soon going to be over. Dia was so immersed in his love and affection, that she failed to notice the storm that was brewing up, a violent storm that would rip apart her world, break her trust and faith and render her helpless to fight with the demons of betrayal and lies.

Dia was in love for the first time and she believed him with all her heart. She was so blindly in love with him that she failed to notice the betrayal and lies that he was conjuring up under the veil of his so-called undying love for her. He was ruthlessly playing with her innocent heart, breaking her trust every single day with his inimical lies, which Dia failed to understand.

Dia was naive… fact too naive to understand the games of betrayal that he was playing with her. Had she known that the man whom she adored and prayed for was a person so unworthy of her love and respect, she wouldn’t have to suffer the pain that was soon going to tear her world apart.

On that fateful day when Dia was confronted with his utter betrayal, she refused to believe it. Her love for him was so deep-rooted that she found it impossible that he could break her trust and the respect that she held for him. But he was too unapologetic, not showing even the slightest of feeling for the woman who loved him so unconditionally. But it was her fate and she had to endure it…

“Why did you do this to me? Was I not worthy of your love? Did I ever hurt you like the way you have hurt me now? I loved you so much… could you not respect the value and dignity of our relationship? Why….why did you break my heart” asked a tearful and broken Dia.

“I did not betray you…I have always loved you” he replied coldly.

But Dia knew she had been betrayed all the time…

Love was slipping away from Dia, and it was slipping away fast…. just like the way it had entered her life, like a gust of wind….she felt lonely, used and miserable, but there was no escape……

It was not easy for her to give up on him or wipe away the love she had treasured in her heart. But she took a bold step. She picked up the bits and pieces of her shattered heart and decided to move on……..

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  1. Moving on is what life is…best wishes!

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