Understanding a woman

She gives the most unexpected reply for your obvious question, that makes you look at her in surprise. She means exactly the opposite of what she says, and confuses you. She may be demanding, emotional, but wishes to be fiercely independent at the same time. She may love to cling to you, but, at the same time will crave and fight for her freedom. With so many contradictions, it is no wonder that men find it difficult or impossible to understand women ~ Unknown

Since time immemorial, humanity has been mystified with the aura of mystery surrounding a woman. Much has been written and said about the complexities of understanding a woman and why is woman a mystery for all to understand.

But is it really that hard to understand a woman? Is she really a mystery as she has been portrayed by mankind. According to my perspective, the answer is a big no. Woman is not a mystery and more of all she is definitely not hard to understand, certainly not. And this thought of mine propelled me to write this post. But the main driving force for this post can be attributed to a popular reality series “Connected Hum Tum” that was recently aired on Zee TV.

I was a regular viewer of this reality series. The show portrayed the journey of six courageous women of different ages and at different stages in their lives. But the most daring part of the show was that fact that these six brave women were given a camera each, through the medium of which they recorded their daily life, their trials and tribulations, their happiness and successes and their fears and hopes. It was a show that every woman could connect to. The journey of these six women that was portrayed on the show  had bits and pieces from every woman’s life.

For me the show was a peek into the life of a woman as a whole. And the life-journey of each of the women presented in the series has something to teach me. The show was based on six woman who lead a normal life and how they tackle their personal issues and manage to strike balance with their family. Each of the participants of the show was unique in their own way and yet their problems and struggles correlated with one another though on a different terrain altogether. It showed that to understand a woman completely, all it needs is some love, a little understanding and respect.

Among the six women of the show, I personally was fond of Pallavi Burman, an independent and strong woman having a mind of her own. She is smart yet vulnerable and always follows her heart. Her sincere efforts at making her second marriage work and balance her career and her home are some of the traits that I liked best about her.

Then there was the unconventional life of Madhavi Mauskar. She is a mother, a grandmother, yet her attitude towards life is like a sixteen year old. Her positive attitude towards life, even though she had major upheavals in her life, specially her failed marriage, is a lesson to be learnt. No matter what, she never losses hope and her mantra in life is to be happy, to love oneself and move on in life.

The show also portrayed the daring story of Sonal Giani, a happy-go-lucky woman who is not afraid to follow her heart. She is not afraid to profess her love for her life-partner, though she knows that social acceptance for her love is something that she has to fight for.

Then there is Preeti Kochhar, a dentist-cum-belly dance instructor. There’s never a dull moment whenever her story is portrayed. She is woman of today, managing her profession, her passion and most importantly her loving family with elan. I particularly loved the quirky and humorous one-liners that she often cracks.

Then there were the stories of Mahima Choudhury and Malishka Mendonca – two independent career-driven women trying to manage their careers and their families and finding love along the way.

The host and the six participants of the reality TV show Connected HumTum

For me the show was an insight into the lives and minds of women. Being a woman, I could relate to the stories of each one of them at some point or the other. All the stories were related to one another by a common thread – the family. For a woman her biggest strength and her biggest weakness is probably her family. Its true for me too. All the stories portrayed in the show revealed that its the love, understanding and support of her family, that makes a woman happy and drives her to move on. The journey of these six women, which is unique and extra-ordinary in their own special way is an attempt at understanding woman better. The emotions undergone by the these women, the frequent bouts of indecisiveness that plague their normal life, the fights between their heart and mind, their dreams, both fulfilled and unfulfilled, and their responsibilities towards their families and their loved ones are portrayed in such genuineness that every woman would be able to identify with these situations. And for me, each of these six courageous women had atleast something that I could both relate to and learn from.

It is not difficult to understand a woman. All that a woman needs is respect, love and support.




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5 Responses to Understanding a woman

  1. I watched a few episodes of the show and liked it. And you said it truely that all you need to understand a woman is some attention, love and most important, patience. 🙂

  2. I rarely watch TV, this seem to be a rare one 🙂

  3. It was a unique show wanderlustathome!! U would have liked it 🙂 and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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