Autumn Musings

The misty mornings engulfed with a cool, soothing breeze, the warm sun-kissed rays, the clear blue sky, the mildly pleasant days followed by cool nights, the carpet of dry leaves beneath the trees, the blooming of flowers of varied hues and fragrances and the shorter days heralding longer nights……Autumn is here in its full bloom!!!

I have always been fascinated by Autumn and wait for its herald with anticipated happiness. This is a season which signifies the advent of many things that I love to associate myself with. And the most important amongst them is the change in the weather from hot and humid days to mildly pleasant days. Perhaps this is the reason which draws me so close to Autumn. For me  Autumn also signifies the blooming of flowers of different hues and fragrance. I still remember, with the onset of Autumn, my father would start planting an array of flowers-plants in our garden which would bloom into colourful flowers after a few weeks. There would be lines of dahlias, chrysanthemums, roses, marigolds, lilies and daisies that would adorn the garden with their bright colours.

Another sweet happening that whispers in my ear that Autumn has marked its presence is the blooming of the sweet-smelling sewali flower. The sewali flower which blooms in the evening and spreads its heavenly smell all around is also an indication that Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Diwali are round the corner, marking the beginning of the festive season. These autumnal celebrations are also the most anticipated celebrations for me that I look forward to enjoying them whole-heartedly and also a time to be at my home with my family. Amongst the many happenings that signify to me that Autumn has arrived is the blooming of the kohua grass. The white fluffy grass that blooms during the Autumn always hold me down in nostalgia. I have always witnessed the blooming kohua grass on my way home during the festival vacations. Since I had been away from home for the last seven years owing to my studies and job, seeing the white kohua fluttering in the wind on my way to home during the Durga Puja vacations feels me with an excitement that its finally time when I can see, feel and experience the love of home and family again.

The sweet smelling sewali flower

Kohua grass in full bloom

Autumn has been my favourite because its that time of the year when the weather is at its coolest best. Its neither too hot nor too cold and I love the weather which doesn’t tire me unlike the hot summers and the cold winters.

Everything about Autumn spells happiness and enjoyment to me, a time to celebrate with my loved ones and enjoy nature’s beauty with a sense of calmness and soak in the pleasant views that Autumn offers.

And like every year, this time too I had waited with anticipated happiness for the arrival of Autumn. The cool breeze and warm sun-kissed rays penetrating the misty morning touched my face on my way home…..whispering in my ears…..Autumn has arrived!!!

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2 Responses to Autumn Musings

  1. The chill & mist in the air, the fragrance of sewali phool, the swaying Kohua in the slight breeze…..that’s Autumn for me too 🙂
    Great post buddy!

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