Loving yourself and learning to let go!!

Yesterday I came across this really interesting and thought-provoking article in my daily newspaper that really got me thinking hard. And I thought of sharing this wonderful and feel-good piece of information on my blog !

This article was a take on the negative emotions that often plague our mind and render us weak and hurtful. Everyone of us have at some point in our life been hurt, betrayed in some way or the other and experience pain. And these sometime weigh heavily in our minds and we refuse to open ourselves up or let go of the pain and negative emotions.  We create walls around us disconnecting ourselves from our inner selves and hold on to the pain, anger and hurt inside us. And in the process we yearn for acceptance and love from outside which we have severed it inside ourselves. I could relate to this article more so because of the same emotional doldrum that I was in some time back which robed me of all peace and happiness.

The counsellors through the article have also given a very insightful view of how to overcome our emotional upheavals and embrace our vulnerability which I found it very useful and so I am sharing it below:

Revisit Your Past Learning

If your lessons were …Affirm to yourself
1. I will never forgive them/him/her 1. Today is a new day and I choose to let go
2. No one will hurt me again (I will always remember this hurt) 2. I am open to experience life as it comes
3. It’s shameful to be weak and get hurt 3. I acknowledge my sensitivity and I am fine with it
4. It was foolish to trust I refuse to let one or two incidents define my life. I stop judging and I am watchful

As was conveyed through the article, “It is difficult to find love and happiness outside when there is no love for ourselves”, I felt that its truly important that we learn to love ourselves, accept and acknowledge our vulnerability and shortcomings and learn from our experiences – positive or negative. And most importantly, the root of happiness and peace emerges only when we learn to let go and not hold on to the past.

Life has always been like that, isn’t it?…..learning to love oneself and letting go of the past so that we can pave way for newer and better things to come…..

Courtesy: t2, The Telegraph, dated 22nd Nov’13 

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4 Responses to Loving yourself and learning to let go!!

  1. Rachna says:

    Completely agree with your last line. Life is all about loving and letting go. I love the look of your blog!

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